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WARNING: Character names from here on out so dont get mad at me for your old names

Fuck is this?

Its nearly 10 years since nightvision was first created. I thought that we should do something for 10 years, and this is that. The plan is to create an episode(or episodes depending on how this goes) of nightvision with actual production values. Still probably wont be scripted, but it will at least have better camera work, No more coming up with plans during the episode and whispering like we think the camera wont hear us and no more talking over each other, and most of all no more fights or stuttering or any of that shit. We will make a basic plan and go from there and everyone just goes with whatever happens. This time Ill actually let other people touch the fucking camera.

Im in. Where do I sign up?

join the discord [REDACTED]or just talk to me in person I really dont care as long as your signing up for it. More details will be given to you once you contact me :p If your not going to join in Which makes bob very sad btw :( please still contact me because I need to know instead of waiting for a response thats never going to come.

You still got all those old episodes?

Im in the process of editing and uploading episodes which may take a while because my computers fucked so render times and transcoding times are really long on my laptop :/ Currently I just rendered Episode4(which may have brought you here idk) and I have the masters for about 3 episodes, one of which I need to recut and the other two would lose too much quality in re slicing them so Im just going to leave them as they were. I also have source files for 3 or 4 episodes which Im transcoding to mp4 files so I can edit them. Not everyone is in all them(notably, "Captain Moo Moo" is not in the first 2 or 3 episodes and "Wiffy G"("Pizza Pony") is only in 2 or 3 episodes. Some episodes are complete spinoffs(they only contain "fudgepants" and some people that arent main members of the cast). A large amount of the source files are complete SHITE quality so rip like 4 episodes I guess :( By shit quality I mean that theyve got either a fuckload of noise or a fuckload of artifacting, if we are including shit production quality then all the ones I held the camera for or organised are shit quality aswell (basically all of them) in future (if I can even bring everyone back) hopefully there will be a lot more value in the videos, and less degradation in between episodes as I have a 4K camera now(my phone :p) Jesus christ I just realised how much I fucking rambled on here, Well Ill link you to episode 4 here, and Ill make a page for all the videos when I have time or most likely when I have a few videos uploaded. If you want a specific video ask me to upload it because I couldnt be fucked uploading it otherwise. /endramble

How do I know who has come back?

Well obviously there is me([REDACTED], [REDACTED], The wierd kid that spends all his time editing old videos, etc) and Bob(if you forgot bob then get the fuck out :P) and I think [REDACTED] LMK if your back in [REDACTED] so now we just need [REDACTED] If your reading this LMK if your back and [REDACTED] or [REDACTED] or whatever the fuck your name is now XD Again, LMK if your back in and then we can get started on an episode(We will decide what its about on discord)

I wanna help edit/make website/moderate discord/code for NightVisionLabs, How do I do this?

Welp, if you know what your doing with the website just open a pull request on the [REDACTED] and Ill close it once it doesnt conflict with any of my stuff. If you dont know what your doing then just shoot me a message on discord and Ill add in whatever you want me to do. For the discord bit, just PM me and we will talk more about that but the basic idea is just moderate chat and get more members for the discord. for the NightVisionLabs part just message me and you can help actually make NightVisionLabs :p Update: NightVisionLabs has (sorta) been created and is available here.

I will only come back if (MEMBER NAME) is not still in the group

Well first off I think I know who you dont like is(Its me right? :p) and I understand, so just PM me and we can make arrangements If you actually do have a problem with anyone, Make sure you tell me about it first so we dont have any tense situations. Chances are we can probably easily fix this and get on with production of the next episode(oof, no pun intended) and if we cant we will record different sections with different people.

I know what your like. You will never follow through on this.

I understand your concerns, but I promise you Im dead serious about this. Hell, I made this website and I just edited episode 4 right? In all honesty Ive been planning this for a while and have a lot of things in place for this so I cant just give up. You also have to be serious about this aswell. You cant just say your back in and then drop off the face of the earth(Looking at one specific member here....) You have to be commited to making this happen because this time we have a deadline for this. I understand if you just want to let this die and move on with your life but it needs a good send off, and its ten years for fuck sake. This doesnt happen often. So I need everyone back for at least one episode(maybe more... we will see how this goes) to send it off. If everyone agrees that it should continue on then we will have an anniversary episode(not a final episode) and continue regularly from there on out

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